Sunday, July 25, 2021


Liverpool stripped of cherished World Heritage status after 17 years

World Heritage status is not automatically forever and developing historical sites is frowned on by Unesco.

UK to permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and strike group are sailing to Japan through contested seas in September.

UK health minister gets Covid ahead of ‘freedom day’

Sajid Javid says he has received both doses of a Covid vaccine and his symptoms are 'very mild'.

UK catat 50 korban Covid-19, tertinggi sejak April

Data rasmi juga menunjukkan bahawa 36,660 kes baru turut direkodkan.

UK reports 50 virus deaths in highest level since April

It also recorded another 36,660 cases, even as England prepares to ease Covid-19 restrictions.

Cases soaring but England lockdown rules to end, PM confirms

Meanwhile, the Dutch prime minister has apologised for scrapping most coronavirus restrictions in the Netherlands too soon.

People smugglers using calm summer seas to sneak more illegals across the English Channel

Sophisticated gangs are offering their illegal migrant packages on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Teen on blood-sealed satanic mission to win lottery stabbed sisters to death

When detectives searched his mother’s house, they found his contract with Satan and three lottery tickets. 

England to lift virus restrictions as Israel raises vaccine fears

The Israeli health ministry says analysis suggests Pfizer's efficacy had dropped to 64% during the time the Delta variant had spread across the country.

‘Please sir, I’ve got Covid’: Schoolkids use orange juice to get fake positive test results

Once armed with the fake positive results, children are being granted two weeks off school.

‘Learn to live with’ the virus, PM tells Britons

The government says the latest figures indicate that the number of cases will continue to rise as restrictions are lifted, but also that 'the link to hospitalisations and deaths has been weakened' thanks to vaccinations.

Hong Kong’s UK flight ban strands thousands of students

Many had planned to go home for the summer holiday but can no longer do so.

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