Tuesday, April 20, 2021


‘Britcoin?’: UK looks into digital currency

The Bank of England says such a currency would exist alongside cash and bank deposits, rather than replacing them.

Britain falls silent in tribute to Prince Philip

The funeral ceremony with just 30 mourners took place entirely behind the castle's walls, with the public urged to stay away because of the pandemic.

Lockdown, not vaccines, behind drop in UK Covid deaths, says PM

With conditions improving, England reopened all retail, hairdressers, gyms and pub gardens on Monday.

Myanmar ambassador ‘locked out’ of London embassy

Myanmar's military attaché in London allegedly told the ambassador he was no longer the country's representative.

UK to trial virus certificates at mass events

But MPs from the ruling Conservative party as well as the opposition Labour party have publicly opposed a domestic 'vaccine passport' as discriminatory.

UK medical regulator says 7 deaths among AstraZeneca jab recipients after blood clots

The European Medicines Agency, which like the World Health Organization previously declared the AstraZeneca vaccine safe, is expected to announce updated advice on the issue on April 7.

BBC China correspondent moves to Taiwan after threats from authorities

The number of foreign journalists in China is shrinking as they are either pressured into leaving or expelled.

China bans British MPs in tit-for-tat sanctions

From the moment the UK imposed its first ever sanctions on Chinese officials earlier in the week, a response from Beijing was inevitable.

UK variant 64% deadlier than previous strains, study shows

Researchers compared data for nearly 55,000 pairs of participants who tested positive in the community – rather than in hospitals – between October and January and followed them for 28 days.

UK-Beijing ties strained over media coverage of China

Beijing says it opposes those who make up 'fake news' to attack China and its ruling Communist Party under the banners of press freedom and freedom of speech.

UK, others agree to fast-track adapted Covid-19 vaccines

The agreement will avert the need for lengthy clinical studies if authorised vaccines are adapted in future, as long as the manufacturers offer 'robust evidence' of their potency and safety.

Pfizer, AZ Covid jabs ‘highly effective’ in elderly, UK study shows

The study comes as France and Germany consider reversing their refusal to authorise the AstraZeneca vaccine for people over 65 due to concerns of its efficacy.

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