Saturday, April 10, 2021


Breaking nudes: women arrested for hot Dubai balcony show

Among the charges the group faces is public debauchery for allegedly violating the country’s uber-strict decency laws.

Syarikat gergasi hartanah Juwai IQI bakal buka ibu pejabat di KL

MDEC mengalu-alukan pengumuman syarikat tersebut dan menyifatkannya sejajar dengan inisiatif MyDigital.

UAE to develop US$500 million tourism resort in Indonesia

The deal also covers energy, infrastructure and mining, and is seen as the biggest in Indonesia’s history.

Muhyiddin tiba di Jeddah bagi memulakan lawatan rasmi ke Arab Saudi

Lawatan ke negara ini atas jemputan Raja Arab Saudi Raja Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud.

Dubai princess says being held against her will by her father

Latifa's friends have voiced concern that secret messages from her have stopped coming,

Hope leads the way as Earth convoy enters Mars orbit this week

Amal carries the hope and pride of the Arab world as the country prepares for a post-oil future.

Saudi Arabia, Gulf neighbours launch new restrictions as virus surges after New Year fun

Despite having some of the highest per capita vaccination rates in the world, health professionals are warning that the surge may be an early indicator of a second wave.

Biden administration puts hold on arms sales, including to UAE and Saudi Arabia

In its last months, the Trump White House authorised billions of dollars in new arms sales which the new administration wants to re-examine.

Reality catching up with Dubai’s dreams as Covid-19 rampages among skyscrapers

Dubai’s ruling sheikh has declared that widespread vaccination, not movement controls, will 'accelerate the full recovery of our country'.

Perjanjian pengecualian visa UAE, Israel diluluskan

Perjanjian berkenaan akan berkuat kuasa dalam tempoh 30 hari.

Jerusalem football club discussing part ownership with UAE royal family despite racist fans

The owner is determined to show that Muslims and Jews can work and play together without fear.

UAE issuing tourist visas to Israelis ahead of ‘visa on arrival’ agreement

This follows the suspending of visas to 13 mostly Muslim states.

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