Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Afghan pilots start leaving Uzbekistan for UAE, despite Taliban pressure, source says

Afghanistan's new rulers have said they will invite former military personnel to join the country's revamped security forces and that they will come to no harm.

Iran rancang rundingan baru bersama Arab Saudi

Kedua-dua negara yang bermusuhan itu memutuskan hubungan diplomatik pada 2016.

Iran planning new round of talks with Saudi Arabia, says envoy

The announcement of plans for new talks, carried by the semi-official Iranian news agency Isna, came days after a regional summit held in Baghdad to help ease tensions among Iraq's neighbours.

‘Terrified’ Dubai princesses’ phone numbers found ‘among Pegasus spyware’

Their numbers are apparently on a list of some 50,000 people believed to be of interest to clients of Israeli-based firm NSO Group.

It’s so hot in UAE, sweltering sheikhs are shocking the clouds

Rulers decided it's either cloudseeding or building a life-size mountain to create rainfall.

UAE opens first Gulf Arab embassy in Israel

The normalisation of relations has been deplored by the Palestinians, who want their demands for statehood free of Israeli occupation addressed first.

Opec+ abandons oil policy meeting after failing to reach consensus

The UAE and other producing nations want to raise their agreed output baselines to meet rising demand as pandemic restrictions are relaxed.

Israeli government minister makes historic UAE visit to open embassy

The regional rapprochement has been deplored by the Palestinians, who want their demands for their own state settled first.

Abu Dhabi to ban unvaccinated people from most public places

Unvaccinated people will still be allowed into smaller supermarkets and pharmacies although they will be largely banned from other public places including shopping malls, restaurants, parks, hotels and gyms.

Dubai princess says through law firm she is ‘free to travel’

In the statement attributed to her lawyers, Sheikha Latifa says she hopes she can live her life 'in peace without further media scrutiny'.

UAE accused of ‘forcibly disappearing’ Pakistani Shiite Muslims

Last year, the UAE stopped issuing new visas to citizens of 13 mostly Muslim-majority countries, including Pakistan and Iran, citing 'security concerns'.

Photo appears to show Dubai’s Sheikha Latifa on trip abroad

Two other photos purportedly showing Latifa were also published last month.

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