Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Turkey and West climb down from brink of biggest diplomatic crisis

The ambassadors, including the US envoy, had called on authorities last week to free a philanthropist detained for four years on charges of financing protests and involvement in an attempted coup.

Turkey pans US visa rules to rescue left-behind Afghans

The scheme requires Afghans to apply outside of Afghanistan, which Turkey says would cause a new migration crisis for neighbouring countries.

Fires ravage southern Europe, forcing residents and tourists to evacuate

Fires are common in southern Turkey during the hot summer but experts have said this year's are much bigger than usual.

Migrant surge meets hostility and a new border wall in Turkey

A growing number of Turks are weary of their country acting as a 'holding camp' to prevent refugees from entering Europe.

New Zealand accepts return of IS-linked woman and her children

The decision follows a bitter dispute with Australia over which country should shoulder responsibility for the woman.

Turkey to talk with reluctant Taliban on Kabul airport plan

President Erdogan says the Taliban’s stance in Afghanistan does not fit how Muslims should treat other Muslims.

Erdogan expresses solidarity with Malaysia in Covid battle during meeting with Azmin

He also voices an interest in working closely with Malaysia on vaccines.

Malaysia signs joint declaration on expansion of trade agreement with Turkey

Miti says this shows the commitment of both countries to the path of progressive liberalisation at a time when new forms of protectionism are taking root.

Transgender Turks fear more open hostility from authorities

Advocates say transgender people in Turkey face increasing violence and discrimination, including denial of jobs, housing, health care and education.

Turkey quits treaty aiming to prevent violence against women

Erdogan’s Islam-oriented party had advocated for a review of the agreement, arguing it is inconsistent with Turkey's conservative Muslim values.

Turkey going into full lockdown in bid to halt Covid surge

Turkey has not had a full lockdown before and is now in the top 10 of the world’s highest number of cases.

Turkey condemned for quitting international treaty to prevent violence against women

Turkey now says the treaty was hijacked by a group of people attempting to promote LGBT lifestyles.

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