Thursday, May 26, 2022


Troops move to quell unrest after deadly Sri Lanka clashes

Reprisals carried on late into the night and through the next day, with mobs setting alight dozens of homes belonging to ruling-party politicians around the country.

Outgoing Sri Lankan PM evacuated by troops

Rajapaksa's evacuation to an undisclosed location followed a day of violent protests in which five people, including a lawmaker, were killed and nearly 200 wounded.

Moscow says 498 Russian troops killed in Ukraine

Moscow had previously admitted to losses but without giving any numbers.

German troops arrive to reinforce Baltics amid tensions over Ukraine

The new deployments include reconnaissance and artillery troops and medics from units throughout Germany, as well as around 100 howitzer and other vehicles, with arrivals expected to continue throughout this week.

Satellite images show new Russian military deployments near Ukraine

Russia is holding joint military exercises in ex-Soviet Belarus as well as naval drills in the Black Sea, part of a surge of military activity near Ukraine that has fuelled fears of an impending invasion. Russia denies any plans to attack.

Russian troops to quit Kazakhstan, says president, taking aim at the elite

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed victory in defending Kazakhstan from what he described as a foreign-backed terrorist uprising.

South African govt asks for 25,000 troops to curb unrest

Seventy-two people have died and more than 1,200 people arrested since former president Jacob Zuma began a 15-month jail term, sparking protests that swiftly turned violent.

US could slow Afghanistan exit, says Pentagon

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says the September deadline remains in place although the pace can be adjusted based on conditions.

US cutting forces, missile batteries in Middle East

Pentagon spokesman says some of the Patriot anti-missile batteries are being redeployed to other countries and some are returning to the US for maintenance.

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