Friday, July 16, 2021


Arthritis drug shows promise against severe Covid, study says

After 28 days, 18.1% of the group receiving the tofacitinib progressed to respiratory failure or death, compared to 29% in the placebo group – a statistically significant relative risk reduction of 63%.

AstraZeneca hits snag in Covid drug development

The drug, which has been undergoing final clinical trials to assess its safety and efficacy, failed its main goal to treat Covid-19 symptoms in exposed patients.

Seeking a pill to cure Covid: drugmakers eye alternative to vaccines

The hunt is on for a coronavirus treatment that can be taken as a pill soon after a confirmed positive, halting the disease in its tracks so that cases that might have been severe end up being nothing more than a bad cold.

Alternative or modern medicine? Which will reliably relieve chronic pain?

Many sufferers start with modern doctors then look further into the past as their pain persists.

Canadian study says oral medicine effective in treating Covid-19

The study results show that colchicine reduced by 21% the risk of death or hospitalisations in patients with Covid-19 compared to placebo.

Putrajaya enters key phase in Covid battle to keep Malaysia from going Italy’s way

Officials are taking seriously warnings by experts about the pandemic's toll on the public health system.

Tax exemptions allowed for Covid-19 treatment, vaccine

Tax relief of RM1,000 for vaccination including for Covid-19 also applies to taxpayers, their spouses and children.

US gives full approval for antiviral remdesivir to treat Covid-19

It can be administered to adults and children over the age of 12 who weigh more than 40kg who require hospitalisation, with emergency approval for its use on paediatric patients under the age of 12 weighing at least 3.5kg.

Agong being treated at IJN

However, his condition is not worrying and he is expected to be discharged soon.

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