Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Uber Eats to quit Hong Kong after five years

The company said it would now redouble its commitment to its ride-sharing in Hong Kong, a business that remains in a legal grey area.

China unveils 600kph levitating train, world’s fastest land vehicle

This train would take just two and a half hours to travel from Beijing to Shanghai – a journey that currently takes three hours by plane.

All a boar-d! Wild pig takes Hong Kong subway journey

The train was eventually diverted to a depot where officers were able to safely capture the animal and release him back into the wild.

Japan bullet train driver leaves controls for high-speed toilet dash

He was away for three minutes, long enough to make the train one minute late – a delay which prompted an investigation in a country famous for punctuality.

Sarawak river taxis sinking under loss of tourists

Can Sarawak’s traditional wooden ferries transform into a Grab-style service to safeguard their future?

The people vs the PJD Link

If the concerns of those directly affected by this proposed project are not properly addressed, the 'human costs' might be too burdensome for any political party to bear.

Controversial highway project set to go ahead despite growing protests?

Critics say the PJD Link is almost identitcal to the Kidex project cancelled amid strong opposition in 2015.

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