Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Malaysia’s trade hits record high, surpassing RM2 trillion

Total trade expanded 24.6% year-on-year to RM2.01 trillion from January to November 2021.

Beware of China using trade as a weapon, ex-Aussie PM warns UK businesses, universities

He tells academic and business leaders to remember their duty to reduce reliance on China in 'the new Cold Peace'.

Erdogan expresses solidarity with Malaysia in Covid battle during meeting with Azmin

He also voices an interest in working closely with Malaysia on vaccines.

Malaysia signs joint declaration on expansion of trade agreement with Turkey

Miti says this shows the commitment of both countries to the path of progressive liberalisation at a time when new forms of protectionism are taking root.

Malaysia offers itself as trading hub for cash-rich Qatar

This is among several proposals by senior minister Mohamed Azmin Ali who is leading a trade mission to the sheikhdom.

UK starting talks to join ‘glittering prize’ Asia-Pacific free trade group

The Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea have all expressed interest in joining the original 11 members.

Biden ends EU trade war, renewing transatlantic ties

Freezing trade conflicts with the EU gives both sides more time to focus on mutual concerns such as China.

China gets veiled rebuke from Japan, Australia

Beijing’s relations with Tokyo and Canberra have been strained in recent times over several issues.

London begins process to join TPP Asia-Pacific trade bloc

After Brexit, London is keen to shift its economic centre of gravity away from Europe towards faster-growing parts of the world.

Azmin to lead trade and investment mission to Saudi Arabia, UAE

This follows the official visit of PM Muhyiddin Yassin to Saudi Arabia and the UAE in March.

China overtakes US to become Europe’s biggest trading partner in a lacklustre 2020

Trade with most of Europe's major partners declined due to the Covid-19 pandemic but China was able to defy that trend.

Not the beginning of the end if Malaysia lags behind in FDIs

While detractors play a vital role in keeping the government on its toes, we do not need to despair over our FDI situation relative to that of our neighbours.

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