Sunday, October 17, 2021

Tommy Thomas

Pasukan petugas khas siasat dakwaan Tommy Thomas ditubuhkan

Pasukan khas tersebut akan dipengerusikan bekas ketua hakim negara.

Special task force to investigate claims by ex-AG Thomas

The task force will investigate, among others, Tommy Thomas' claims of abuse of power in the appointment of judges made in his recent autobiography.

What’s the motive? Questions raised on Zahid’s call for Tommy Thomas RCI

Opposition leaders ask if this is an attempt by the Umno president and the court cluster to escape legal repercussions.

Bekas peguam negara kongsi idea Kabinet ‘terbaik’, tanpa Melayu

Tommy turut mengkritik kadar pemberian vaksin di Malaysia mengatakan negara jauh tertinggal di belakang Israel, AS dan UK.

No Malays? Ex-AG Thomas shares his idea of ‘best and brightest’ Cabinet

He also criticises the pace of Malaysia's vaccine rollout, saying the country lags far behind Israel, the US and the UK.

Rosmah claims conspiracy in appointment of Sri Ram as prosecutor

She says former AG Tommy Thomas conspired with Sri Ram to 'persecute' her.

Rosmah dakwa pelantikan Sri Ram kendali kes rasuah hibrid solar tidak sah

Rosmah mendakwa bekas peguam negara dan Sri Ram berpakat untuk menganiaya beliau.

Sri Ram appointed in 2018 to handle high-profile cases, says ex-AG Thomas

He says this includes Rosmah Mansor's corruption case involving a RM1.25 billion solar hybrid project for rural schools in Sarawak.

Anwar turns to ex-AG over claims ruling MPs spared from 1MDB charges

The PKR president meets MACC chief Azam Baki on the back of claims that his party's MPs are being induced to cross over to the ruling bloc.

Zahid says charges against him fabricated

The Umno president challenges anyone to make a police report against him over the claim.

Meritocracy the loser, thanks to stories from the wilderness

Will we ever see a qualified non-Malay again occupying a critical post after Tommy Thomas' flippant remarks?

Najib fail permohonan hina makhamah terhadap Tommy Thomas minggu ini, kata peguam

Permohonan bagi prosiding menghina mahkamah sudah siap sebanyak 98%, kata peguam Najib.

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