Wednesday, September 22, 2021

third wave

Brazil sets daily record for Covid cases as third wave breaks

115,228 new cases were identified and 2,392 more deaths.

Brazil braces for third wave of Covid-19

Some experts say a new surge in Brazil should not even be called a 'third wave', given that the first and second never really subsided.

New Paris lockdown as France fears ‘third wave’ with 35,000 new cases in 24 hours

The French government faces criticism for its slow vaccine rollout, due in part to questionable EU decisions and policies.

Sweden scraps relaxed approach to pandemic on fears of third wave

The country has never imposed the type of lockdown seen elsewhere in Europe, and until now prioritised social distancing over the use of face masks.

South Korea gets aggressive with third wave ‘in full swing’

'We’re at a critical juncture of facing a large number of infections nationwide.'

State of emergency looms as top officials make emotional plea for stability

But it would aim to suspend all political processes, with daily routines allowed to continue.

Aussies eye end to lockdown as virus numbers tumble

But the next move out of lockdown will still be relatively conservative, says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

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