Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Telegram founder says over 70 million new users joined during Facebook outage

Facebook blames its outage, which kept its 3.5 billion users from accessing services such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, on a faulty configuration change.

4 men in Singapore charged over sex videos in second Telegram group case

The case is the second involving a Telegram chat group whose Singapore administrators broke the law by transmitting obscene material.

SKMM terima 120 aduan pornografi kanak-kanak, lebih 400 laman sesawang disekat

Agensi itu turut melahirkan rasa bimbang mengenai peralihan pengunaan dalam talian yang mampu meningkatkan risiko golongan bawah umur terdedah kepada bahan-bahan lucah.

120 complaints received, over 400 sites blocked, MCMC says amid concerns over child porn

Stiff penalties await those found to be involved in the production or distribution of such material, including hefty fines and long jail terms.

Kanak-kanak lebih terdedah dengan pornografi di sebalik kelas dalam talian

Ibu bapa meluahkan rasa bimbang terhadap akses mudah kepada bahan-bahan itu.

Online shift brings kids closer to red-light territory and paedo-porn

The same messaging apps used to host homework and discussion groups are also used by those looking to access sexually explicit material.

WhatsApp flap shows importance of message platform to Facebook

The California giant last month delayed implementation of a new policy which critics said could expand data collection from some two billion WhatsApp users around the world.

WhatsApp’s new terms: keep it personal and you won’t see change

Malaysian data laws do not apply to companies outside the country but WhatsApp must already comply with worldwide data laws all of which are broadly the same.

Terma baru WhatsApp: Tiada perubahan jika hanya bergosip

Undang-undang data negara ini tidak terpakai kepada syarikat yang berpangkalan di luar negara.

WhatsApp delays data sharing change after backlash

Users concerned about privacy have been fleeing the Facebook-owned messaging service and flocking to rivals Telegram and Signal.

Telegram reports 25 million new users in 3 days

Telegram has become a 'refuge' for those seeking a private and secure communications platform, says founder.

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