Saturday, September 25, 2021


US solar companies against proposed tariffs on panels from Malaysia, 2 others

The Commerce Department is poised to decide by end-September whether to launch a trade investigation into solar cells and modules from Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Singapore scientists transform durian shells into antibacterial bandages

Researchers say using waste materials and yeast for the antimicrobial bandages is more cost effective than the production of conventional bandages.

As workers age, robots take on more jobs, says study

The research shows age alone accounts for 35% of the variation between countries in their adoption of robots, with those having older workers far more likely to adopt the machines.

Apple expected to unveil new iPhones as part of 5G push

Apple last year introduced its iPhone 12, which featured a new look and its first devices with 5G connectivity. This year, analyst expect modest hardware upgrades and a deeper focus on 5G.

Philippines ‘learning crisis’ as kids face second year of remote schooling

A 'blended learning' programme has been plagued with problems as most students in the Philippines don't have a computer or internet at home.

Apple to hold event on Sept 14, new iPhones expected

The new line of smartphones are expected to expand the Portrait mode feature to video and also have higher-quality video recording format, Bloomberg reports.

Nasa confirms Perseverance Mars rover got its first piece of rock

Eventually Nasa wants to collect samples taken by the rover in a joint mission with the European Space Agency, sometime in the 2030s.

Low odds of Malaysian satellite crashing to earth, space agency says

The Malaysian Space Agency says Measat-3 remains at a very high altitude in a specific outer space orbit.

Tech giants seek meeting with PM on foreign ship cable waiver

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are seeking the reinstatement of an exemption revoked last year under the previous government.

Apple plans to loosen App Store payment policy

Developers of the digital content apps will be able to link to their websites where users can create or manage accounts.

South Korea bans app payment monopolies in world first

The Korean law will offer users a choice of app payment providers, allowing them to bypass charges set by the store owner.

Malaysian satellite to fall from space after mystery incident, says report

Recovery efforts found that Measat-3, which has been under ground control since June 24, could not re-enter service.

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