Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Kerajaan perhalusi beberapa parameter berhubung pengiktirafan kerajaan Taliban

Saifuddin Abdullah memaklumkan pengiktirafan terhadap kerajaan Afghanistan harus mengikut gambaran Malaysia sendiri dan bukan naratif pihak lain.

Barbers suffer under Taliban rule as Afghans shun fashion

Since the Taliban swept to power in mid-August, Afghans have little cash to spare and fear being punished for sporting short or fashionable cuts.

Regional powers at summit demand US fund Afghan aid

They say it is the responsibility of the West in general and the US in particular to help avert a humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan.

PBB gesa dunia jalin interaksi dengan Taliban, beri ‘talian hayat’ kepada Afghanistan

PBB percaya bantuan dana dapat digunakan untuk memperbaiki hak asasi manusia di Afghanistan ketika ramai yang bimbang pentadbiran kejam rejim Taliban kembali berulang.

Afghan women should not work alongside men, senior Taliban figure says

It is unclear to what extent Waheedullah Hashimi's comments reflect the new government's policies, although they appear to go further than public comments made by some other officials.

Family of US hostage held by Taliban calls for envoy’s firing

But the US State Department says they have been pressing for the 'immediate and safe release' of Mark Frerichs.

Afghan police return to work alongside Taliban at airport

The Taliban say they have granted a general amnesty to everyone who worked for the former government – including the army, police and other security branches.

Afghan pilots start leaving Uzbekistan for UAE, despite Taliban pressure, source says

Afghanistan's new rulers have said they will invite former military personnel to join the country's revamped security forces and that they will come to no harm.

Selepas 20 tahun peristiwa 11 September

Kalau ekstremis itu tidak memperjuangkan perubahan mendadak, dia bukan radikal.

Veiled protest: Afghan women rally in support of the Taliban

About 300 women waved Taliban flags as speakers railed against the West and expressed support for the Islamists' policies.

Taliban interim govt agrees to let foreigners leave Afghanistan

The move comes two days after the Taliban announced an interim government made up mainly of ethnic Pashtun men including wanted terror suspects and Islamist hardliners, dashing international hopes for a more moderate administration.

New Taliban govt begins work as protests grow

Hundreds protested on Tuesday, both in the capital and in the city of Herat, where two people at the demonstration site were shot dead.

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