Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Taiwan Buddhist group secures 5 million doses of Pfizer jab for country

Taipei has declined China’s offer to ship in its own vaccines.

Taiwan approves local Covid jab for emergency use

The health ministry says Medigen's antibody effect is 'no worse than the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine jabs that the public have received'.

Taiwan’s chips too vital for war, says island’s major chipmaker

Taiwan's TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker is at the centre of global efforts to resolve chip shortages.

Aussie PM in Solomon Islands to strengthen ties, with wary eye on China

Canberra is cosying up to Pacific island nations hoping to deflect them from Beijing's cash-laden temptations.

Taiwan’s Covid infections jump following Taipei market outbreak

Despite slow progress with vaccinations, Tsai’s government is still unwilling to accept Chinese offers of assistance with vaccines.

Taiwan boy thrown 27 times in judo class dies

The seven-year-old boy, who was said to have repeatedly begged the coach to stop, died after being in a coma for 70 days.

China tells Taiwan ‘independence means war’, Taiwan says it’s preparing

Beijing believes that Taiwan’s democratically elected government is moving the island towards a declaration of formal independence.

Taiwan Buddhist group joins fight to find vaccines other than China’s

Taipei is under pressure domestically to get vaccines faster, and organisations and companies have been stepping up to try to help.

Taiwan to maintain Hong Kong office despite visa block

To get new visas, Taiwanese staff must sign a statement accepting the 'One China principle', which they refuse to do.

Taiwan reports ‘record number’ of Chinese jets in its air defence zone

Chinese military air incursions over Taiwan are becoming more frequent and open.

China condemns US senators visiting Taiwan on military plane as ‘vile provocation’

Senior US visitors usually travel by unmarked private jets rather than giant military transports.

AS kecam pesawat China ‘burukkan keadaan’ masuk ruang udara Malaysia, Taiwan

Tindakan tersebut menambah senarai aktiviti China ganggu kestabilan wilayah lain.

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