Tuesday, May 18, 2021

supply chain

EU to tighten export rules to stop one-way flow of vaccines

The measure, put in place to monitor exports from EU territory and if necessary to block them, has already been used once to prevent an AstraZeneca shipment leaving Italy for Australia.

Supply chain strain threatening mass scale-up of Covid-19 jabs

Vaccine manufacturers expect to be able to produce some 10 billion doses of various Covid-19 vaccines this year – double the manufacturing capacity for all vaccines combined in 2019.

Phones, consoles could get pricier as chip crisis bites

Prices of popular gadgets such as PlayStations and iPhones could rise because of microchip shortages caused by a 'perfect storm' of coronavirus-driven demand, supply chain disruptions and trade war stockpiling, experts warn.

Economist tells who could make or break race-based cartels

He says control over the supply chain is only part of the picture.

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