Thursday, October 21, 2021

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar

Langkawi is not Batu Puteh, Dr M responds to Johor sultan

He says Langkawi has not been claimed by Thailand, or made the subject of an international legal case where two nations had agreed to abide by the outcome.

Sultan Johor bimbang peraturan baru program MM2H jejas kedatangan warga asing

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar berkata syarat-syarat baru akan mengurangkan minat pelabur asing ke dalam negara.

Johor sultan concerned new rules for My Second Home programme will put off foreigners

He says this will mean massive revenue loss for the country.

Selepas PM, Sultan Johor terima mengadap TPM

Bagaimanapun tujuan pertemuan tersebut tidak dimaklumkan.

Johor sultan invites PM to lunch

Muhyiddin Yassin also briefed the ruler on the latest developments affecting the nation.

Johor ruler repeats warning to power-crazy politicians, threatens dissolution

He says he will not entertain political games by assemblymen.

Dahulukan rakyat, titah Sultan Johor kepada pemimpin Melayu yang mahu gulingkan kerajaan ketika pandemik

Sekarang adalah masa untuk berebut-rebut membantu rakyat, bukannya masa untuk berebut kuasa dan kedudukan, kata Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

People first, Johor ruler warns Malay leaders plotting to disrupt govt during pandemic

He cautions leaders against acting in their own interests in ways that disrupt society and political stability.

Johor sultan orders state assembly to meet on Aug 12

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar says assemblymen should unite in this regard for the sake of the people.

Sultan’s ex-lawyer claims revenge behind arrest as he takes Johor top cop to court

Kamal Hisham Jaafar says he is confident that Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar is not directly involved.

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