Sunday, July 3, 2022


Future turns bright for young stateless girl Suki

She is making good progress at the kindergarten where she is enrolled, while her father will begin physiotherapy sessions soon to help him recover from his stroke.

Suki and dad overwhelmed as visitors come flooding in

Wong Kon Foo, who can now send his daughter to a private kindergarten for lessons, voices gratitude once more for all that Malaysians have done for him and his daughter.

Reading lessons on the way as help pours in for Suki and her dad

Father and daughter express their thanks for all of the help they have received so far, as efforts continue on the legal front to fight for Suki's right to citizenship.

A day in the life of a stateless child

Ten-year-old Suki Wong Pei Yee, who does not possess Malaysian citizenship, has been taking care of her father alone since her mother passed away.

Just Suki and her dad: A story of statelessness

Ten-year-old Suki has been taking care of her father since her mother passed away, but she has no citizenship and he worries about her future.

Step up efforts to help stateless children, Sarawak minister tells Putrajaya

Fatimah Abdullah says immediate legal remedies are needed.

Application process for citizenship under federal govt, not state, Sarawak minister says

Fatimah Abdullah says the state government has no say on the pace at which applications by stateless children are processed.

Dentist dreams of serving country but struggles for daughter’s citizenship

Dr Jennifer Yap turned down a lucrative position in Taiwan to come home and work but is bitterly disappointed that her daughter cannot be recognised as a Malaysian simply because she was born abroad.

Red tape bars path to citizenship for parents with stateless children

Many are left waiting for years with no word from the government until their applications are finally rejected.

Stateless in Lembah Subang

In the busy city of Petaling Jaya, many children are stateless even though they were born and raised in the area.

On island paradise, teachers work to stop stateless children from sniffing glue

Prevented from attending public schools due to their lack of documentation, only a handful of these children are finding refuge at a special school for stateless students.

Stateless teen dreams of having her own IC

Until then, studying, finding a job and even getting married will be next to impossible for Aina who was born and raised in Petaling Jaya.

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