Friday, June 18, 2021

state of emergency

After rulers’ statements, Anwar-Zahid-Najib triumvirate in frantic plan for pandemic-era coup

The plan could make way for a new PH government dominated by 'court cluster' Umno leaders.

PM notes Agong’s views, says follow-up steps to be guided by constitution

The PMO says the prime minister had advised the Agong on a variety of matters including the emergency ordinances and Parliament sittings in previous audiences with the king.

Japan to lift virus emergency one month before Olympics

The looser restrictions would ask restaurants and bars to close at 8pm, but allow them to serve alcohol until 7pm, lifting the current ban on sales.

‘Covid-19, high-profile court cases bigger considerations for PM despite Malay rulers’ stand’

Social critic Chandra Muzaffar says those calling for the Dewan Rakyat to reconvene should be truly committed to the democratic process and sincere in wanting national issues debated and discussed.

Heed the rulers or resign, PH trio tell PM

The top PH leaders say any move to continue delaying parliamentary sessions would mean that Muhyiddin Yassin has lost the confidence to continue administering the country.

Malay rulers recommend no extension to emergency

They also agree with the king that Parliament and state assembly sittings should be convened as soon as possible.

Parliament sitting should be held as soon as possible, says Agong

He says this is to allow the emergency ordinances and National Recovery Plan to be debated in the Dewan Rakyat.

No final decision yet on ending or extending emergency, say PH trio in advisory committee

They also say there is no need for an emergency as a stricter MCO would be the best approach.

Agong does what govt says, former top judge weighs in on renewed emergency debate

Gopal Sri Ram says whether in ending the emergency or calling for Parliament to convene, the constitution is clear that only the government can decide.

PH rejects Mahathir’s call for Mageran council

The coalition says this goes against its stand that the emergency should end and Parliament be allowed to reopen.

I’m not all-powerful, speaker tells critics on challenging road to hybrid Dewan debates

Azhar Harun says approval must be given by two separate committees and points out procedural complications to the call for hybrid Parliament sittings.

Mahathir, Hadi get invites to meet Agong

However, the leaders of other parties say they have not been called for an audience with Sultan Abdullah Sultan Abdul Shah.

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