Saturday, April 10, 2021

state of emergency

PH MPs gather at Parliament to call for Dewan Rakyat sitting

Only about 65 of Pakatan Harapan's 88 MPs turned up.

Perak to consider meeting with reps as state assembly sittings still off limits

Perak MB says the meeting would be 'just a briefing' with no debate session.

Will heavy fines for SOP violators affect Muhyiddin at polls?

Analysts say the heavier punishments for those who violate health SOPs will likely be included in the opposition's campaign for the next general election.

New law to combat Covid fake news subject to tedious process, says Putrajaya

Ministers say the move is to ensure the success of the government's battle against the pandemic.

Counter fake news on Covid-19 by revealing the truth, not burying it

Fake news should be tackled through the provision of full and complete disclosures supported by scientific evidence, not heavy and disproportionate punishments.

Rights group warns of ‘climate of fear’ over fake news ordinance

Lawyers for Liberty says a state of emergency 'is not a licence to arbitrarily legislate laws'.

Up to RM100,000 fine for fake news on Covid-19, emergency

This is according to the new Emergency (Essential Powers) (No 2) Ordinance 2021 through a Federal Government Gazette published by the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Guan Eng questioned over PH statement on emergency proclamation

Anwar Ibrahim's statement was recorded on Feb 26 while Mohamad Sabu is expected to have his recorded tomorrow.

Judge rules Agong’s decision in emergency proclamation cannot be challenged in court

The ruling follows the decision to dismiss the leave application for a judicial review brought by three elected representatives challenging the PM's move to advise the king to suspend Parliament sittings during the emergency.

MPs plan the ‘storming’ of Parliament?

Several opposition MPs say they have been informed of the plan, with efforts ongoing to contact others as well.

It’s Zahid’s statement, not ours, say BN leaders

MIC and MCA presidents say the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council meeting last night only agreed that no assumptions would be made.

Use of tracking device among new provisions under emergency ordinance

The wristband will be made mandatory for those who test positive for Covid-19, persons under investigation and those under surveillance.

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