Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka to sue Singapore ship owners over marine pollution

Tonnes of microplastic granules have inundated the South Asian nation's famed beaches, forcing a fishing ban and sparking fears of ecological devastation.

Plastics from burning ship cover Sri Lanka beach

Navy personnel in hazmat suits have been sent to clean millions of plastic granules mixed with burned oil and other residue that covered Negombo beach, 40km north of the capital.

Mrs World arrested over Mrs Sri Lanka pageant bust-up

Mrs World was not convinced Mrs Sri Lanka was really eligible to compete and forcibly removed her crown.

Sri Lanka to ban burqa on ‘national security’ grounds, says minister

Around 1,000 Islamic schools will also be shut for not being properly registered and not following the national curriculum.

Sri Lankan health minister tests positive for Covid-19 after endorsing sorcery

Pavithra Wanniarachchi had publicly consumed and endorsed a magic potion, later revealed to contain honey and nutmeg, and poured 'blessed' water into a river after being told this would end the pandemic.

Sri Lanka sticks to cremation of Muslim Covid-19 victims despite uproar

This is despite a government-appointed expert committee noting that while it feels cremations were safest, burials can be allowed under strict conditions.

Sri Lanka gets US$300 million Chinese factory but it’s no free lunch

Other countries are worried Sri Lanka is falling victim to a Chinese debt trap in order to fund white elephant projects.

From Sri Lanka, hazardous waste now sailing back to Britain

Many countries including Malaysia are reluctant to import any more foreign waste.

Murderer on death row voted into Sri Lanka Parliament

Premlal Jayasekera was convicted of murdering activist Susil Perera in January 2015.

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