Wednesday, October 20, 2021

special sitting

What’s the rush, Zuraida asks on calls for early sitting

The federal minister says the opposition has yet to put forward an alternative candidate for prime minister despite claiming that Muhyiddin Yassin has lost his majority in Parliament.

Ministry staff dies of Covid-19 linked to Parliament cluster

The officer had been to Parliament as well as the ministry's office in Putrajaya.

Tajuddin issued compound for not wearing face mask in Parliament

Police say the value of the compound will be determined by the district health office.

Govt decides not to extend emergency

The state of emergency imposed in January has been revoked effective July 21, Parliament is told.

No hybrid meeting, all MPs allowed to attend special sitting, says speaker

Azhar Harun says the proposal for a hybrid meeting has been deferred, and the matter will not be discussed at the special sitting which begins on Monday.

5 things to know ahead of July 26 special Parliament sitting

A look at the differences between a special sitting and an ordinary session, among others.

Pejuang to join Parliament sitting but staying will depend, says Dr M

He says MPs from the bloc want to see 'how the government conducts the meeting'.

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