Wednesday, May 25, 2022


US Space Force holds war game to test satellite network under attack

The computer-aided simulations included potential shooting down of US missile-tracking satellites, satellite jamming, and other electronic warfare 'effects' that are possible tactics in space warfare.

International Space Station swerves to dodge space junk

Calls to monitor and regulate space debris, or space junk, have grown since Russia conducted an anti-satellite missile test last month.

Nasa awards US$415 million to fund three commercial space stations

The space agency is turning to private industries to develop hardware it once made itself, to reduce costs and focus on its ambitious goals, which include building habitats on the Moon and preparing for a crewed mission to Mars.

Nasa launches spacecraft to kick an asteroid off course

There are 10,000 known near-Earth asteroids 460 feet in size or greater, but none has a significant chance to hit in the next 100 years.

Satellite attack: the mounting arms race in space

The militarisation of space is as old as the space race itself – as soon as Sputnik was launched into orbit in 1957, Washington and Moscow began exploring ways to both arm and destroy satellites.

Russia admits destroying satellite with space missile strike

The Russian military says it was carrying out planned activities to strengthen its defence capabilities but denies that the test was dangerous.

US slams Russia for ‘irresponsible’ space missile test

The missile strike blew up one of its own satellites, creating a debris cloud that forced the International Space Station's crew to take evasive action.

Nasa to deflect asteroid in test of ‘planetary defence’

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test or DART is to determine whether this is an effective way to deflect the course of an asteroid should one threaten the Earth in the future.

South Korea prepares to launch first domestically produced space rocket

The three-stage KSLV-II Nuri rocket emblazoned with South Korea's flag is designed to put 1.5-tonne payloads into orbit 600km to 800km above the Earth.

Russian crew return to Earth after filming first movie in space

If the project stays on track, the Russian crew will beat a Hollywood project announced last year by 'Mission Impossible' star Tom Cruise together with Nasa and Elon Musk's SpaceX.

‘It was unbelievable’: Star Trek’s Shatner becomes real life astronaut

The intergalactic voyages of the USS Enterprise, commanded by Shatner's character Kirk, helped turn American attention to the stars as the US space programme was starting out.

SpaceX all-civilian orbital crew completes historic mission

The stated goal of the mission was to encourage the democratisation of space by proving that the cosmos are accessible to crews that have neither been handpicked nor in training for years.

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