Wednesday, December 1, 2021

South Korea

Hush in South Korea as students sit for gruelling exam

The nine-hour test is crucial not only for securing spots in top universities, but is also considered key for elevated social status, lucrative careers and even marriage prospects.

South Korea to cut vaccine booster interval for elderly to fight rise in cases

After managing to keep infections relatively low with aggressive testing and tracing, authorities are now grappling with a surge in critical cases since an easing of distancing rules this month under a 'living with Covid-19' scheme.

Indonesia to pay less for joint fighter jet after South Korea tax exemption

Under revised calculations, Indonesia will have to pay 1.6 trillion won of the 8.1 trillion won project.

South Korea urges booster shots as severe cases hit record

Severe coronavirus cases jumped from the mid-300s in October to 460 on Wednesday, with more than 82% aged 60 and older.

‘Squid Game’ director predicts second season of megahit TV show

Writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk says talks are ongoing for a second season, with a basic storyline already in place.

The real societal problems behind Squid Game

Rising household debt and poverty have become more prominent in the wake of Covid-19.

Unpacking the allure of South Korean pop culture

For reasons ranging from shared values to unconventional concepts, K-dramas such as 'Squid Game' have taken the world by storm.

South Korea loosens restrictions in first step towards ‘living with Covid’

The first phase will go into effect on Monday and last for a month, with plans calling for all restrictions to be scrapped by February.

South Korea prepares to launch first domestically produced space rocket

The three-stage KSLV-II Nuri rocket emblazoned with South Korea's flag is designed to put 1.5-tonne payloads into orbit 600km to 800km above the Earth.

Flanked by missiles, North Korea’s Kim says US and South Korea threaten peace

Pyongyang is only increasing its military in self-defence and not to start a war, leader Kim Jong Un says.

South Korea to vaccinate pregnant women as it races to 80% target for adults

Health authorities see pregnant mothers as key to the campaign, saying they have a greater possibility of serious illness and death if infected with Covid-19.

Koreas reopen hotlines as North urges South to mend ties

The hotline was cut off in early August in protest against joint South Korea-US military exercises, just days after they were reopened for the first time in a year.

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