Sunday, July 25, 2021

South Korea

South Korea president to skip Olympics after ‘masturbating’ remark by Japanese diplomat

Relations between Seoul and Tokyo are strained over compensation for Japan's wartime behaviour while occupying the Korean peninsula.

South Korean toilet turns turds into honey money

Each person using the eco-friendly toilet earns 10 Ggool per bowel movement, recorded on their phone.

Seoul holds military drills around disputed islets boosting row with Japan

The decades-long territorial ruckus was rekindled over a map on the Tokyo Olympics website marking the islands as Japanese territory.

Nine killed as falling building crushes bus in South Korea

The building was being demolished and most people had been evacuated from the area.

South Korean mayor apologises for being duped by vaccine scam

Pfizer only supplies its vaccines to central governments and international health organisations, never third parties.

First case of AstraZeneca jab blood clotting recorded in South Korea

A group of German scientists claim to have found the cause of the rare blood clots.

Belgian ambassador forfeits South Korea posting after wife assaulted shop worker

His wife had become angry after being suspected of shoplifting.

South Korea to allow those with first Covid jab to ditch masks outdoors

Those who have completed both doses will be exempt from private gathering bans and the occupancy ceiling rule at restaurants and cafes.

North Korea shuns ‘capitalistic lifestyle’ with more fashion bans

Among the latest things banned are 'non-socialist' haircuts – which include mullets, spiked styles and dyed hair.

Belgian ambassador to South Korea apologises after wife assaults shop assistant

The case has provoked anger in South Korea amid claims his wife will be able to claim diplomatic immunity in order to avoid prosecution.

South Korea protests against Japan’s Fukushima radioactive water plans

But US climate envoy John Kerry reaffirms Washington's confidence in the Tokyo plan to release contaminated water into the sea.

North Korea to skip Tokyo Olympics

Pyongyang's announcement puts an end to Seoul's hopes of using the postponed Tokyo Games, due to begin in July, to trigger a reset in a now deadlocked talks process.

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