Tuesday, April 20, 2021

South Africa

Police break up ‘fake vaccine network’ in China, South Africa

Interpol says this 'is only the tip of the iceberg' when it comes to Covid-19 vaccine-related crime.

India’s Serum Institute asked to take back 1 million vaccine doses by South Africa

The vaccine appears to offer only limited protection against mild disease caused by the South African Covid-19 variant.

Robots on reception: South African hotel turns to android staff to beat pandemic

If the hotel receives a guest with Covid-19 symptoms, the robots could be deployed instead of humans as a precaution.

Fewer rhinos poached in South African Covid-19 lockdown

Most illegally poached rhino horns are smuggled to Asia where they are an ingredient in medicine and herbal remedies. 

UK Covid strain detected in at least 60 countries, says WHO

A number of countries in Europe and nations such as Russia and India have struggled to begin their vaccine programmes successfully.

Africa secures 300 million vaccine doses independently of Covax

The Africa CDC has warned that taking too long to get vaccinations up and running risks having the virus become endemic in parts of the African continent.

‘No serving liquor in teapots,’ South Africa eateries warned in alcohol ban

In the first lockdown, some restaurants sought to evade a ban on liquor sales by smuggling booze in teapots to customers.

Singapore confirms extra-infectious UK variant case imported from Europe

Meanwhile, a second, possibly even more infectious variant originating from South Africa has now been found in the UK.

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