Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Cops to monitor street begging at ‘hotspot’ areas

Police say legal action will be taken against beggars under the Road Transport Act 1987 and the Minor Offences Act 1955.

Chasing the American dream but holding on to memories of Malaysia: A family’s life story on video

Vloggers Logesh and Rachel stress the significance of being grounded in culture.

Malaysia among top 60 countries on social progress index

Malaysia has improved in terms of medical care and wellness but slipped in terms of personal rights and access to advanced education.

The reality of Malaysia

Pejuang information chief Ulya Aqamah Husamudin explains Dr Mahathir Mohamad's 'chopsticks' remark.

The disappearing appreciation of the humble kuih

A dwindling interest from the younger generation and the emergence of trendy Western desserts is pushing kuih out of the picture.

Pandemic divorces: How the MCO caused families to crumble

The stress of financial concerns and enforced distance between couples has taken its toll on many households.

Singapore egg-freezing ban forces women to head overseas

Many are heading to Malaysia, Thailand and Australia for the procedure.

Malaysia to become an ageing nation by 2030, says minister

Minister Rina Harun says the country is expected to have 5.3 million senior citizens by 2030.

Man’s body lay in Norway flat for 9 years and nobody noticed

Neighbours say he kept to himself and his personal affairs were automatically dealt with.

Behind the veil of child marriage

Activists welcome the change over the years but say more groundwork is needed to dislodge long-held social norms.

Migrants and our annoyance levels

As the number of foreigners in our country keeps pace with our rapid development, do we think of them unkindly over things that they cannot help?

Child marriage in Malaysia: how old is too young? It depends on who you ask

Some religious authorities do not see child marriage as sensitive or worth discussing.

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