Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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4 men in Singapore charged over sex videos in second Telegram group case

The case is the second involving a Telegram chat group whose Singapore administrators broke the law by transmitting obscene material.

Instagram makes new under-16s’ accounts private by default to protect children from abusers

Government legislation in several countries now puts the onus on technology giants to ensure sufficient safeguards to protect children.

Facebook assembles team to build ‘metaverse’

The 'metaverse' refers to a shared online world in which multiple users can hang out, spend money, consume media and potentially even work.

WhatsApp tests breaking free from smartphones

Facebook engineers say the new feature will allow WhatsApp to be used on phones and 'up to four other non-phone devices simultaneously – even if your phone battery is dead'.

Chinese social media giant WeChat shuts LGBT accounts

Contents of the closed WeChat accounts, which included personal stories and photos of group events, were erased.

YouTube keeps recommending ‘regrettable’ videos to users

Researchers found that users in non-English-speaking countries were recommended 60% more 'regrettable' videos.

TikTok bumps up video length to 3 minutes

TikTok is believed to have one billion users worldwide including more than 100 million in the US, and is especially popular with young smartphone users.

Spending in mobile apps surges to new high, survey shows

Globally, spending in mobile games hit US$44.7 billion in the first half of this year, up nearly 18% from the same period in 2020.

Bangladeshi cleric issues fatwa on Facebook emoji

Thousands of followers reacted to his video, most of them positively, although several hundred made fun of it – using the emoji in question.

Pandemic has increased trust in media, report shows

While this may be a temporary effect, in almost all countries polled, audiences placed a greater premium on accurate and reliable news sources, it says.

End of road for controversial Snapchat ‘speed filter’

The feature referred to as a 'speed filter' let Snapchat users capture their speed in an image they could then fire off to friends, prompting concerns and lawsuits over the potential for dangerously distracted driving.

India warns defiant Twitter it must comply with new IT rules

Growing tensions with India's government is making some US tech giants rethink their Indian expansion plans.

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