Tuesday, April 20, 2021

social distancing

Masks and social distancing ‘could last several years’

UK scientific advisers are saying maintaining basic policies which reduce transmission will be necessary for some time to come.

State of emergency declared at Florida beach over uncontrollable crowds

With approximately 13% of US residents vaccinated, the atmosphere is particularly festive and the illusion that the pandemic is now under control is pervasive.

Spared the worst of Covid-19, Pakistan’s poor abandon SOPs

While Pakistan managed to avoid the huge numbers of casualties authorities had feared, a social divide is appearing between those who observe SOPs and those who do not.

Crowds of parents forced to queue for school transfers despite online process

The long lines of parents told to get their documents validated in person trigger concern over virus SOPs.

Alarm in France after 2,500 mass for illegal rave

Police are said to have met 'fierce hostility' from many of the partygoers who set one of their cars of fire and threw bottles and stones.

Orthodox Jewish synagogue fined over secret pandemic wedding

New York authorities issued a fine after a video of the wedding showing thousands of attendees singing and dancing without masks circulated on social media.

No ghosts, witches or vampires allowed in LA this year

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is discouraging traditional festivities and recommending socially distant alternatives.

Covid-19 cases in France smash 10,000 per day ceiling

42 French regions are now red zones, where stricter mask requirements and gathering restrictions are being enforced.

English youth planning weekend raves before Rule of 6 takes hold

The prime minister has warned that the draconian new restrictions could be here for weeks.

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