Friday, October 22, 2021

snap election

PH agrees Parliament not to be dissolved before July 31, 2022

PH chief whip coordinator Anthony Loke says there is no need to hold snap polls and that the country should focus on battling Covid-19.

Canada PM Trudeau calls Sept 20 snap election

Trudeau was re-elected to office in 2019 but lost his majority in his second term, amid scandals.

People can go to the supermarket, why not the polls, says Sarawak minister

But Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah says this is contingent on an improved voting mechanism and strict SOPs.

No space for democratic vanities when fighting an invisible killer

There's no shame in admitting the ultimate reason behind the virus emergency.

Umno won’t push for snap polls if Covid situation is not good, says Tajuddin

The Pasir Salak MP says Umno will not push for an election in August if case numbers remain high.

Why schools can re-open but Parliament cannot convene

If the emergency is lifted and the prime minister loses a no-confidence vote, failure to agree on a PM candidate would result in a snap election.

Remember how we lost, Hishammuddin warns Umno top leaders

He says Umno has been given a chance to show the people that it is attentive to the people's well-being.

Umno hawks’ plan for pandemic polls in defiance of Agong, analysts say

Elections won't solve the political crisis as long as individual parties do not work together to obtain a majority, they say.

Majority of Malays think Umno should stick with PN, new survey shows

62% of Malay respondents believe Umno should not withdraw from PN while another 36% are against Umno going it alone in GE15.

Politicians bringing the country down into the abyss?

Only time will tell if the third wave of Covid-19 will morph into a fourth due to a snap election, or if the economy will collapse because of the never-ending politicking.

Snap polls, the last thing we need now

Whether an election is held now or not should not be a political decision, but one made based on health risk assessments.

Zuraida tells Anwar to self-reflect, drop ‘petty ambition’

The former PKR women's chief says Anwar's lack of details on his claim of having majority support raises questions concerning his fitness for the job.

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