Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Black Friday fuels debt fears as Britons go on buy-now-pay-later spree

One lawmaker warns that people risk amassing unmanageable debts as retailers encourage them to go all out for Christmas following the axing of last year's celebrations due to soaring Covid-19 cases.

‘Cooped up’ Indians throng malls and markets weeks after Covid surge

But doctors are worried that India is letting its guard down again, just like in January and February before a devastating coronavirus surge that led to a near-collapse of the healthcare system.

Border town pushed to the edge by Covid-19

A quick trip to Padang Besar near the Malaysia-Thailand border and how the pandemic affected the shopping haven.

Single minded: All set in China for world’s biggest shopping frenzy

Nov 11 is expected to generate sales far outstripping the pre-Christmas 'Black Friday' in the US.

Owners insist SOPs in place after Covid-19 cases risk emptying malls again

Footfall is already on the decline despite the earlier revival in traffic after nearly three months of lockdown across the country.

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