Monday, September 27, 2021


Grounded container ship moved after nearly a week

However, it is still unclear when the Suez Canal can be reopened.

From Ikea furniture to live animals, the cargo stranded in Suez logjam

Industry experts have estimated the total value of goods marooned at sea at anywhere between US$3 billion and US$9.6 billion.

How much is the Suez mishap going to cost?

Up to 90% of shipments are not insured against delays, British maritime shipping publication Lloyd's List says.

Egypt shuts Suez Canal amid struggle to refloat grounded ship

Tug boats, dredgers and heavy earth-moving equipment have been deployed, but so far the ship has not budged.

Minimal impact for Malaysia as ship remains stuck at Suez Canal

Malaysia's trade volume in the region is not large, although there could be delays in some shipments as efforts continue to refloat the 400m Ever Given cargo ship.

Owner, insurers of grounded Suez ship face millions in claims

Dozens of ships are waiting at both ends of the canal, many with perishable cargoes.

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