Tuesday, April 20, 2021


South Korea capital launches Covid-19 tests for pets

Tests will be limited to pets that show symptoms – including fever, coughing, breathing difficulties and runny noses – after coming into contact with humans who have tested positive.

Seoul bans seasonal parties to tackle ‘explosive’ surge in infections

The capital region could face a complete lockdown if the current surge isn’t contained.

South Korea calling up the army to fight latest Seoul surge as winter snows threaten

As the country moves into winter, fears are growing of case numbers spiraling out of control.

South Korea clamps down as infections highest in 9 months

Asymptomatic patients are driving the surge in new cases, frustrating efforts to control transmission.

South Korea gets aggressive with third wave ‘in full swing’

'We’re at a critical juncture of facing a large number of infections nationwide.'

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