Saturday, September 18, 2021


US scientists develop coating to capture airborne droplets

The substance can be applied to surfaces such as plexiglass dividers to capture respiratory droplets, rather than allowing them to bounce off and remain in circulation.

‘Space pups’: Mouse sperm stored on space station produces healthy young

There are no signs so far of Mousezillas or rodent Hulks.

Scientists create embryos combining human, monkey cells

Pigs are closer to humans than monkeys and are more likely to be used in future combination embryos for organ transplants.

All aboard! Next stop space…

Mainly wealthy first-time space travellers are getting ready to take part in one of several private missions which are preparing to launch.

Meteorite older than the sun crashes down into English garden

The meteor should give scientists a unique insight into the creation of the solar system.

Teach Science and Maths in English, no two ways about it, says Dr M

The former prime minister tells why national-type schools were once popular with all races

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