Saturday, January 22, 2022


The state of pandemic education, two years on

While gaps remain in learning despite the return to the physical classroom, cooperation from all quarters could be enough to bridge the gulfs and help students make up for the time lost to Covid-19.

Ugandan children back to school after nearly 2-year Covid closure

Students poured through school gates that had been shuttered in March 2020 when Covid-19 swept the globe, greeting teachers and friends after 83 weeks outside the classroom.

Excitement and joy as students return to school

Many parents are also glad that their children are able to attend face-to-face classes again.

Free replacement for textbooks damaged in floods

Over 263,000 textbooks were damaged in the recent floods which swept across a number of states.

Full physical classes for secondary schools after 90% vaccination rate achieved

Physical classes will continue on a rotational basis for schools that have yet to reach the 90% vaccination rate.

NYC to limit classroom closures, prioritise ramped-up testing for schools

New York City's previous policy was to quarantine unvaccinated close contacts of infected students for 10 days.

School reopening delayed a week due to floods

States in Group A will begin the next schooling session on Jan 9 while states in Group B will start on Jan 10.

Respectful or inappropriate? Teachers give their two cents on ‘second parent titles’

Some have no problem being called 'father' or 'mother' while others say this could open the door to issues such as sexual grooming.

Powering on despite Covid at remote Sarawak village

There is very little internet access and no electricity or water supply in Kampung Sapit, but the villagers do what they can to get by.

2 teachers, 71 students from Cyberjaya school test positive for Covid-19

Of these, 65 students have been placed at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang quarantine centre.

65 students at Cyberjaya boarding school down with Covid-19

This is the first time a boarding school has reported this many cases.

97.5% of teachers fully vaccinated as of end-October

Deputy Education Minister Mah Hang Soon says 99.04% of teachers have received at least one dose of vaccine.

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