Thursday, January 20, 2022


Desperate Indians fall victim to heartless Covid-19 scammers

Drugs, vaccines, oxygen, and other supplies are running out across the country and pandemic profiteers are filling every gap they find.

Personal data leaks could be an inside job in exchange for bribes, says expert

Corruption and a lack of integrity cited as authorities warn of pandemic-season scams.

Covid-19 gives scammers a leg-up as shift online continues

Cases abound of scams related to financial assistance and loans during the pandemic season, with fraudsters taking advantage of the shift to e-commerce as well.

LHDN warns of fake taxmen after over RM600,000 lost in scams

18 reports involving RM636,311 in losses were lodged from Jan 1 to Feb 9.

Singapore crime rate climbs to highest since 2009, thanks to scammers

The top 10 scam types included e-commerce scams, social media impersonation scams and loan scams.

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