Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Saifuddin Abdullah

Asean concern over Cambodia PM’s Myanmar visit, says Saifuddin

The foreign minister says some of the 10 Asean members are concerned this could be seen as legitimising the coup-makers.

Setiausaha AS puji cara Malaysia kendalikan pandemik Covid-19

Blinken berkata kejayaan luar biasa itu telah membolehkan Malaysia mempunyai kapasiti untuk menyumbang lebihan vaksin ke negara lain dan kepada Covax.

Presidential clemency requested but it’s up to Singapore, Saifuddin says on looming execution

The foreign minister says he has yet to receive a response to the letter sent to his counterpart in Singapore.

Saifuddin says contact made with Singapore on execution of mentally disabled Malaysian

The foreign minister says developments will be monitored and the appropriate consular aid extended to Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam and his family.

Saifuddin calls for rethink of Asean’s non-interference policy amid Myanmar crisis

He says the principle of non-interference cannot be used as a shield to avoid issues being addressed.

Malaysia, Indonesia concerned over nuclear subs plan, says Saifuddin

The foreign minister says this is although nuclear weapons are not part of the plan.

Govt says no compromise on demands for Myanmar progress

The foreign minister says his counterpart from the Myanmar junta will attend an Asean meeting today, where the issue of possibly excluding the military chief will be discussed.

Kementerian luar lantik penasihat khas mengenai Afghanistan

Ini diharapkan dapat membantu Wisma Putra memperoleh lebih maklumat mengenai Afghanistan.

Kabinet akan putuskan pendirian berhubung pentadbiran Taliban di Afghanistan

Malaysia berhubung dengan Pertubuhan Kerjasama Islam (OIC) dan kumpulan kemanusiaan di Afghanistan untuk mendapatkan pandangan dan maklum balas mengenai isu itu.

No rush in deciding stand on Taliban govt, says Saifuddin

He says police are still awaiting credible information on reports that two Malaysians believed to be fighting alongside IS-K have been detained by the Taliban.

Pertemuan PM, pembangkang langkah awal politik baru, kata Saifuddin

Saifuddin berkata politik baru yang lebih bersih, segar seperti politik ilmu, politik hikmah dan politik bakti perlu menjadi amalan di negara ini.

People shouldn’t be arrested for criticising leaders, says minister Saifuddin

He says Malaysia is a country that upholds democratic principles.

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