Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Sabah election

Shafie defends move to dissolve Sabah assembly

He says the election result was the people's decision to make.

How to conduct pandemic polls? Senior officials tongue-tied in meeting with PM

No clear solution proposed on how to conduct impending election in Sarawak.

A journalist’s bout with Covid-19

Azrul Affandi Sobry, a journalist struck as he was on the line of duty covering the recent state election in Sabah admits that it wasn't entirely unexpected as the nature of the job entails jostling with others in order to land the story and also confesses that he could have done more to prevent it from happening.

Landing stories – and then some: A journalist’s bout with Covid-19

A journalist chasing stories on the Sabah polls tells of how his disregard for SOPs gave him more than he bargained for.

DAP’s PJ rep tests positive for Covid-19

This comes as daily infections climb to 432, with ministers told to undergo home quarantine.

Sabah election crystallises Zahid’s place in Umno

His failure to push Bung Moktar Radin as CM is being increasingly seen as a sign that he has lost control of Sabah Umno.

We’re outnumbered, says Bung as he rallies support for Hajiji as CM

He says Umno assemblymen also told him they did not want to be in the opposition again.

Sabah Umno’s support for Hajiji as CM shows Zahid’s waning sway?

The announcement by GRS today could point to a lack of say by Umno leaders at the federal level on Sabah's politics.

5 hot topics ahead of Sabah polls

Candidates are zooming in on issues that are likely to affect voters' decisions, including development in the state and the lack of clean water supply.

7 years and waiting for Sabah villagers made homeless by flames

Hundreds of families are still waiting for the assistance promised by the state government after their homes were burnt down.

Down but not out, Musa may be eyeing bigger prize in Sabah

The former chief minister is widely regarded as a strongman despite being locked out of the Sabah polls.

PKR undermining Shafie’s bloc through back-door cooperation with Usno?

Interestingly, Usno candidates are only colliding with PKR in three seats. 

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