Friday, January 21, 2022


Biden warns of ‘disaster for Russia’ if they invade Ukraine

With more than 100,000 troops and war-making machinery poised on Ukraine's borders, Moscow has sent alarms through the West over its threat to Kyiv.

Ukrainian police say cyber attack destroyed ‘information resources’

Ukrainian officials say the attack hit around 70 internet sites of government bodies including the security and defence council, the cabinet of ministers and several ministries.

Russia prepares new measures as Omicron cases near 700

The Kremlin has frequently expressed frustration at the slow uptake of the domestically made Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19, and called on officials to increase inoculation rates.

Russian troops to quit Kazakhstan, says president, taking aim at the elite

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed victory in defending Kazakhstan from what he described as a foreign-backed terrorist uprising.

On Ukraine’s frontline, little hope for Russia-US diplomacy

Since 2014 – the year Russia annexed Crimea – Ukrainian soldiers have been battling rebels to take back control in two regions bordering Russia.

Russia sends troops to put down deadly Kazakh uprising

Internet has been shut down across the country and the full extent of the violence is impossible to confirm.

Blinken says no Russia progress with ‘gun to Ukraine’s head’

Russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian border and wants next week's discussions to take up its demands for security guarantees against expanding the Nato alliance.

China will continue to ‘modernise’ nuclear arsenal, says foreign ministry

China has defended its nuclear weapons policy, saying Russia and the US – by far the world’s largest nuclear powers – should make the first move on disarmament.

Russia’s Covid-19 death toll climbs to world’s second highest

So far, Russia's death toll has not been affected by the Omicron variant and was mostly caused by a surge of infections in October and November.

Dutch prosecutors call for life terms for MH17 suspects

Prosecutors say the missile's deployment was planned and organised, and that it did not matter whether the suspects made a mistake in targeting a passenger plane.

Russia violates WTO commitments with import bans and substitution policies, says US trade body

The US has raised concerns about Russia's actions and will 'use all appropriate means to resolve the matter and keep Russia’s markets open to US exports,' USTR says.

Dutch prosecutors say MH17 suspects ‘served military interests’

The hearings come as fresh tensions soar over Ukraine, with the West accusing Moscow of planning an invasion.

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