Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Did Zahid mislead Agong that Umno ministers would quit by Aug 1?

The Umno president is also actively pressuring his party men to quit the Cabinet by next week.

Dewan speaker rubbishes Umno man’s claim that Agong ‘angry’ and ‘raised voice’

The Dewan Rakyat speaker describes the claim as a blatant lie, saying the source might be living in a different universe.

‘Covid-19, high-profile court cases bigger considerations for PM despite Malay rulers’ stand’

Social critic Chandra Muzaffar says those calling for the Dewan Rakyat to reconvene should be truly committed to the democratic process and sincere in wanting national issues debated and discussed.

Heed the rulers or resign, PH trio tell PM

The top PH leaders say any move to continue delaying parliamentary sessions would mean that Muhyiddin Yassin has lost the confidence to continue administering the country.

6 rulers attend special meeting called by Agong, Kelantan absent

This follows a series of royal audiences granted to various political leaders over the past week.

Royal audiences with political leaders to discuss Covid-19 efforts, says palace

Istana Negara says the king met with 18 political leaders as well as the head of the Special Independent Committee on Emergency, Arifin Zakaria.

Palace meetings leave Malaysians with a heavy dose of fake news, and humour too

From sham press statements to 'new' Cabinet line-ups, speculation and fake news has been circulating in liberal doses.

Time for emergency committee to submit report, not pander to ‘disastrous’ moves, says Chandra

He says there should be no political debate to distract from concerns about public health and economic well-being.

Mahathir tells what he proposed to Agong, says Anwar rang him up

He says he told the Agong that it would be dangerous to hold an election during the pandemic.

In leaked conversation, senior PKR leaders heap scorn on Anwar

They accuse the party supremo of 'playing out' members with claims of having secured a majority.

Perak PAS apologises to sultan over no-show for royal audience

Perak PAS commissioner says an official apology letter will also be sent.

After Zahid-Najib expose, better deal for Umno but Cabinet reshuffle unlikely

Any decision made will neutralise those seeking a better deal for Umno while leaving Muhyiddin's position untouched.

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