Tuesday, May 18, 2021

royal audience

In leaked conversation, senior PKR leaders heap scorn on Anwar

They accuse the party supremo of 'playing out' members with claims of having secured a majority.

Perak PAS apologises to sultan over no-show for royal audience

Perak PAS commissioner says an official apology letter will also be sent.

After Zahid-Najib expose, better deal for Umno but Cabinet reshuffle unlikely

Any decision made will neutralise those seeking a better deal for Umno while leaving Muhyiddin's position untouched.

Editorial: Where we went wrong with our scoops

In exposing the ugly truth of our political pandemic, we may have distracted Malaysians from a greater threat.

Revealed: Najib, Zahid jointly wrote to palace in support of Anwar

This confirms speculation that the trio were working together to dislodge the Perikatan Nasional government.

Anwar now says he never presented MPs’ names to Agong

The PKR leader also calls the police investigation against him malicious and based on 'political instruction'.

Science will tell you, not the right time for GE, Khairy says

He says the focus should be on managing the Covid-19 pandemic, not holding a general election.

No way, PKR co-founder says on cooperation with Najib, Umno

Syed Husin Ali says this would cause dissatisfaction among the majority of PKR members.

‘Better enemies than traitors’: Emerging narrative from PKR, Amanah after Anwar’s failed plot?

This is also to get DAP on their side, says a former aide to a minister from Amanah.

Anwar to be questioned on majority support tomorrow

Police say 113 reports have been lodged so far.

A warning shot to DAP about its political partners

A staunch supporter warns DAP of swift retribution at the ballot box if it chooses to work with Umno.

The people’s ‘olive branch’ to power-hungry politicians

The most important thing for now is for everyone to come together to fight the invisible enemy of Covid-19.

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