Saturday, September 25, 2021


Syed Saddiq, 12 others to file fresh application over Muda’s rejection of appeal for registration

The previous judicial review application against the RoS and home minister has been withdrawn.

Menteri telah buat keputusan rayuan Muda daftar parti, kata peguam persekutuan

Kementerian dalam negeri akan memaklumkan keputusan itu secara rasmi kepada pihak Muda.

Home minister has decided on appeal to register Muda, says federal counsel

M Kogilambigai says the home ministry will inform Muda of the decision, details of which have yet to be received.

No issue with validity of Umno Supreme Council, says Ahmad Maslan

The Umno secretary-general says the postponement of party polls is the prerogative of the Supreme Council, and that it needs only inform the RoS of the matter.

RoS responds after Najib takes aim at PAS over polls delay

It denies any practice of double standards in the ruling against Umno's postponement of party polls.

RoS tetapkan penangguhan pemilihan Umno tidak sah

Tempoh pemegang jawatan parti itu bagi penggal 2018-2021 telah tamat pada 30 Jun 2021.

RoS rules against Umno’s move to delay party polls

It says the current office holders completed the 2018/2021 term on June 30.

Selepas kes Bella, persoalan timbul mengenai NGO tak berdaftar

Prosedur operasi standard (SOP) Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat dipersoalkan susulan laporan mengenai kanak-kanak perempuan down syndrome didera di Kuala Lumpur.

Umno to consult RoS, NSC on party polls during pandemic

The party's Supreme Council however stops short of announcing a date for its polls.

Pejuang gets leave to challenge lack of action over registration appeal

Further case management will be held on April 15, during which a date will be fixed to hear the merits of the judicial review application.

Court throws out bid by ex-Umno members to dissolve party

Federal Court bench says the relief sought by the former members is academic as the party has completed its elections at all levels.

Pejuang names Dr M and son in top line-up, says no to snap polls

It says people should not be exposed to Covid-19 as would be the case with a snap election.

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