Thursday, June 24, 2021


Imigresen dikecam sebar poster munafik, xenofobia terhadap pelarian Rohingya

AIM berkata poster itu bertentangan dengan mesej yang cuba ditunjukkan kerajaan terhadap pelarian dan mangsa perang di Palestin.

Immigration slammed for xenophobia, hypocrisy over warnings to Rohingya refugees

Amnesty International Malaysia contrasts the message with recent shows of support for the Palestinians, asking how the government can justify such 'hypocrisy'.

Dozens of Rohingya refugees land off Indonesian coast

It is not clear if the group will be allowed to stay, but previous migrants have been placed in refugee camps.

Bangladesh umum perintah berkurung di kem pelarian Rohingya

Program vaksinasi Bangladesh masih belum melibatkan pelarian Rohingya di kem-kem pelarian ketika ini.

11 pelarian Rohingya maut akibat Covid-19 di Bangladesh

Terdapat lebih sejuta pelarian Rohingya kini berlindung di 34 kem pelarian di Cox's Bazar.

Hishammuddin nafi ‘konflik’ dengan KDN, usaha anggotai UNHRC diteruskan

Inisiatif Malaysia untuk menganggotai UNHRC bagi penggal 2022-2024 secara rasmi diumumkan pada Disember tahun lalu.

Anti-refugee soundbites from ministry might deal a blow to Wisma Putra’s bid for UN rights council seat

There are concerns about Malaysia's diplomatic image as well as its treatment of refugees as seen in recent events involving foreign workers and migrants.

India’s top court paves way for Rohingya refugee deportations to Myanmar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has been trying to send back Rohingyas, on the grounds they are a security threat.

3 Rohingya killed in new blaze at Bangladesh camp

This is the second fire at the camps in less than two weeks.

Kebakaran musnahkan kem pelarian Rohingya di Bangladesh

Korban akibat kebakaran itu masih belum dapat disahkan kerajaan Bangladesh.

UN pleads for rescue of dehydrated Rohingya adrift in Andaman sea

The boat apparently left southern Bangladesh about 10 days ago but its exact whereabouts are now uncertain.

Dozens of Rohingya refugees caught arriving in Malaysia

Police confirm that a boat carrying 36 people was intercepted as it landed on the west coast on Jan 6.

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