Friday, June 25, 2021


One small step for cephalopods: SpaceX carrying research squids to ISS

The rocket will also carry cotton, a portable ultrasound device and a miniaturised human kidney to study the formation of kidney stones that tend to afflict astronauts in microgravity.

Amazon boss auctioning space sightseeing seat blasting off in July

The company is not discussing future ticket prices but once fully operational, the company could expect to charge perhaps US$200,000 per seat.

Out-of-control Chinese rocket remains could crash to Earth this week

Observations from ground-based trackers suggest the fast-moving booster is heading for an 'uncontrolled re-entry' which means it’s out of control.

SpaceX rocket explodes on ground after seemingly successful flight

The rocket exploded a few minutes after landing and was thrown into the air following which it crashed back to the ground.

SpaceX launches record number of satellites from one rocket for US$1 million each

Satellites are now very small due to components taken directly from consumer electronics such as smartphones.

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