Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Taliban tell Afghan networks to stop airing shows with women actors

The Taliban's guideline for TV networks comes after two decades of growth for independent Afghan media under the Western-backed governments that ruled the country until Aug 15, when the Islamists regained power.

‘Like prison’: Singapore migrant workers suffer under Covid curbs

Low-paid migrants remain subject to onerous restrictions that mostly allow them to travel only between their work and accommodation.

Rights lawyer, Muda leader calls for use of Sosma law on ‘constitutional criminals’

Lim Wei Jiet says any move to repeatedly and intentionally block Parliament from reconvening would be detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

EU Parliament urges officials to skip Beijing Olympics

Lawmakers say officials should skip the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics unless China improves on human rights in Hong Kong and for the Uighur Muslim minority.

Turkey quits treaty aiming to prevent violence against women

Erdogan’s Islam-oriented party had advocated for a review of the agreement, arguing it is inconsistent with Turkey's conservative Muslim values.

Taliban want ‘genuine Islamic system’ in Afghanistan

Violence is escalating dramatically around the country ahead of the withdrawal of foreign forces by Sept 11.

Non-negotiable, Sarawak CM says on constitutional amendment

Abang Johari Openg says the constitution will only align with what was promised in MA63 once the amendment is made.

West sanctions China over Uighur abuses, Beijing hits back at EU

Western governments are seeking to hold Beijing accountable for mass detentions of Muslim Uighurs.

Glove giant Top Glove charged over workers’ housing after virus outbreak

Top Glove has been hit with 10 counts of failing to provide certified accommodation for its workers in Ipoh.

At the intersection of art and activism

Orang Asli activist Shaq Koyok speaks of his drive to raise awareness about the rights of his community and the damage inflicted to their way of life throughout the years.

Tenaganita co-director dies

Aegile Fernandez passed away peacefully at 72.

Women demonstrate in Istanbul to protest against surging femicide rates

Protesters were not impressed by President Erdogan saying Turkey would establish a parliamentary commission to address issues regarding violence against women.

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