Tuesday, October 26, 2021


1MDB trial adjourned for Najib to attend BN meeting on PM candidate

The judge allows Najib's request due to country's current circumstances.

Ismail Sabri is BN’s candidate for PM, say Umno duo

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman and Azalina Othman Said say he is the most agreeable to all MPs.

220 MPs to individually state PM of choice in letter to Agong

They have been given until 4pm tomorrow to submit certified letters declaring their support for their choice of prime ministerial candidate.

Third time’s the charm? Let’s see, says Muhyiddin on making a comeback

He warns of instability if the numbers remain unchanged.

Muhyiddin ready for ‘one-man show’ as caretaker PM

He says there will be a limit to the authority he had before as prime minister.

GPS leaders thank Muhyiddin for remembering Sarawak’s interests

PBB's Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah says Muhyiddin did his best.

‘Gentleman’ Muhyiddin earns praise for putting people first

One analyst says it answers a familiar accusation that the Bersatu leader is power-crazy.

I have done my best, says Muhyiddin in farewell speech to staff

He says he did what he thought was necessary to ensure that lives were kept safe.

From Malay-first to for-all-Malaysians, a tribute to Muhyiddin from a ‘non’

For someone who was once 'Malay first', he has shown us that he is Malaysian first in everything that he has done and accomplished in his 17 months.

PH chiefs hope for change as Mat Sabu tells defectors to return

They also call for unity, saying the new administration to come must do a better job of running the country.

Najib, Hannah Yeoh welcome PM’s resignation using rain and shine analogy

Both express optimism of better days ahead.

Chief sec assures no disruption to civil service after PM steps down

Mohd Zuki Ali says the civil service is committed to ensuring the smooth delivery of services, even during challenging times.

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