Friday, July 1, 2022


More than 12 million in Shanghai can leave homes as Covid risk ebbs

5.93 million medium-risk residents are now allowed, in principle, to leave their apartments but are still confined to their compounds.

Shanghai reports rise in Covid deaths

China's largest city is inching towards reopening as businesses and residents grow increasingly desperate over closures and food shortages.

Shanghai residents scuffle with police over virus policy

Authorities have vowed the city 'will not relax in the slightest', preparing over a hundred new quarantine facilities to receive every person who tests positive – whether or not they show symptoms.

Shanghai lets some residents leave home, cautiously eases Covid curbs

Shanghai says that more than 7,000 residential units are classified as lower-risk areas after reporting no new infections for 14 days, and its districts have since been announcing which specific compounds can be opened up.

Woman gets 15 years jail for German care home killing rampage

The victims, two women and two men, were found dead in their rooms, with police saying they had been subjected to 'intense, extreme violence'.

Residents question silence from elected reps over revival of axed highway

Most have not responded to concerns about the PJD Link, which critics say will displace long-time residents and businesses and increase noise pollution along with other environmental and health hazards.

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