Thursday, June 17, 2021


Canadian Muslim family killed in hit & run truck attack

'These were innocent human beings who were killed simply because they were Muslim.'

Church criticises Austrian govt’s ‘Islam map’

The highly controversial map shows details of more than 600 Muslim associations including details on their location and photos of members.

Muslim woman sues airline for ‘religious profiling’ over exit row

Muslim groups claim this is another textbook example of the perils of 'Flying while Muslim'.

Pakistan overturns blasphemy convictions of Christian couple after 7 years on death row

This year, the European Parliament passed a motion condemning Pakistan for failing to protect religious minorities, focusing on the case of the couple.

Pope unveils major new rules on pornography, abortion, women priests – all still forbidden

The revisions form the most extensive revision of Roman Catholic rules and procedures in 40 years.

Saudi minister defends volume limit on mosque loudspeakers

In a major policy last week, the Islamic affairs ministry said the speakers should be set at no more than one-third of their maximum volume.

Muslim, Jewish sailors sue US Navy for banning religious beards

The sailors maintain that the navy has a 'robust tradition of bearded sailors' and the ban is recent.

French president’s party refuses to support female candidate in Muslim headscarf

France bans Muslim headscarves in classrooms and certain other locations, but they are not forbidden in the public space or on campaign posters.

IS-linked militants behead farmers in Indonesia village attack

Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation, has long wrestled with Islamist militancy and terror attacks.

Mosques full despite Pakistan’s third wave of Covid

Authorities in Pakistan have turned a blind eye to religious gatherings, fearing a crackdown could ignite widespread confrontation in the deeply conservative Islamic republic.

Our humanity, our identity

When common values are emphasised and when shared principles are highlighted, it is our common humanity that shines forth.

France knife attacker said to have watched jihadist videos

Authorities say the man's father revealed that 'his son had adopted a rigorous practice of Islam'.

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