Saturday, January 22, 2022


Indonesian woman flogged 100 times for adultery, partner gets 15

Judges found it difficult to convict the man, who was then the head of East Aceh fishery agency and also married, because he denied all wrongdoings.

Selangor sultan orders Islamic teaching credentials for political activists revoked

The state executive councillor in charge of Islamic affairs can still deliver Islamic teachings provided that he does not touch on political matters.

UAE issues first civil marriage licence for non-Muslim couple

A Canadian couple were the first to marry under a new law on the personal status of non-Muslims in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi.

Peace and goodwill in Kelantan as churches celebrate Christmas

Christians in Kelantan are a minority group but have never been bothered by anyone, they say.

Indian police probe Hindu event calling for mass killing of Muslims

Many in the Muslim community say they have been increasingly subject to attacks and threats since Narendra Modi came to power while Christians have also been subject to violence and harassment.

Indian police probe Mother Teresa charity for ‘forced conversion’

Authorities say they are investigating whether the Missionaries of Charity forced girls in its shelter home there to wear a cross and read the Bible.

Greece’s Mount Athos elders trust God and science to protect them from Covid-19

After seeing others fall ill or catching the virus themselves, at least 30 monks have stepped up to be vaccinated this month.

Alcohol and gaming more complex than PAS makes out

Buying lottery tickets does not mean a person has a gambling problem, and moderate drinking does not make one addicted.

Syria’s Assad scraps top Muslim cleric post

The new decree, which state media said came into effect on Monday, effectively forces Ahmed Badreddin Hassoun, appointed as grand mufti by Assad in 2004, into retirement.

Abu Dhabi to allow non-Muslim civil marriage under family law shakeup

This is the latest step in the United Arab Emirates to maintain its competitive edge as a regional commercial hub.

Europe rights body pulls pro-hijab campaign after French outcry

The campaign was seized upon by anti-immigration extreme right contenders seeking to unseat President Emmanuel Macron in next year's vote, and who fiercely oppose hijab-wearing in public.

Pakistan Islamists clash with police in row over French cartoons

The interior minister says three police officers were killed and 70 wounded, while the government has deployed paramilitary troops in Punjab to help manage the situation.

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