Friday, October 22, 2021


Born and raised in Klang but with no country to call home

Kasim and his siblings have spent their whole lives in their tiny village but know that as refugees, they are still seen as different.

Bangladesh plans to move 81,000 Rohingya to island after UN deal, say officials

Some 19,000 of the Muslim refugees from Myanmar have already relocated from crowded camps on the mainland to Bhashan Char island.

Thousands flee Myanmar town after clashes with junta troops

Myanmar has been in turmoil since Aung San Suu Kyi's government was ousted by the military in February, sparking a nationwide uprising that the junta has tried to crush.

UK will pay to shelter refugees in countries neighbouring Afghanistan

Britain itself has said it would take some 20,000 Afghan refugees with 5,000 expected to arrive in the first year.

Migrant surge meets hostility and a new border wall in Turkey

A growing number of Turks are weary of their country acting as a 'holding camp' to prevent refugees from entering Europe.

Lawyers group slams charge against activist for post on treatment of refugees

Lawyers for Liberty says it is 'nonsensical' that such exposures could be detrimental to public order or morality.

CITF approves vaccination guidelines for undocumented migrants, refugees

Khairy Jamaluddin voices hope that these guidelines will encourage migrants and refugees to come forward for vaccination.

Influx of immigrants, refugees among 66 national security challenges identified by NSC

The NSC says the arrival of immigrants and Rohingya refugees has caused discomfort among locals who fear that they will take away the rights of Malaysians.

From Arakan to Selayang, a woman’s dream

Rohingya refugee Mumtaz Sultan Ahmad tells of how she came to Malaysia and her hopes for her children.

Lockdown life in a Rohingya community

Some have jobs that require them to venture out from their homes while others must stay put, along with millions of others across the country.

Alone with 2 children, Rohingya woman struggles to get by

Mumtaz Sultan Ahmad left her home in Myanmar hoping for a better life but is now dependent on the goodwill of others.

No vaccine hesitancy for Rohingya in KL, just uncertainty about how to get jabbed

They say none of them has been vaccinated yet as they do not know how to register.

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