Wednesday, June 23, 2021


UN tells Tanzania to stop sending Mozambican refugees back to danger 

Nearly 800,000 people have been displaced in Mozambique since armed groups, some affiliated with Islamic State militants, began launching attacks in the region.

Australia pressured to free Tamil refugee family detained on remote Christmas Island

The family of 'unlawful non-citizens' were transferred to the island from Queensland, where they had settled.

Dozens of Rohingya refugees land off Indonesian coast

It is not clear if the group will be allowed to stay, but previous migrants have been placed in refugee camps.

More than 100 asylum seekers in NZ locked up in prisons with hardened criminals

One man spent more than three years in a prison cell before being granted refugee status.

Outcry at home forces Biden to raise Trump refugee limit

Reports say Biden is concerned about letting in more migrants amid a record influx at the US-Mexico border.

Hishammuddin steers clear of ‘conflict’ talk with KDN, says UN seat goal on track

The foreign minister says he cannot comment on rumours.

Anti-refugee soundbites from ministry might deal a blow to Wisma Putra’s bid for UN rights council seat

There are concerns about Malaysia's diplomatic image as well as its treatment of refugees as seen in recent events involving foreign workers and migrants.

AGC objects to NGOs’ bid to challenge deportation of Myanmar refugees

Senior federal counsel says the NGOs are not the parties affected by the decision to repatriate Myanmar nationals to their country of origin.

Dozens of Rohingya refugees caught arriving in Malaysia

Police confirm that a boat carrying 36 people was intercepted as it landed on the west coast on Jan 6.

Biden ramps up US refugee admissions to 125,000 per year

The US has an extensive history of welcoming refugees and is one of the world's largest resettlement nations.

Missing Rohingya women trafficked to Malaysia from Indonesia refugee camp

Some of them say they have been reunited with their husbands in Malaysia but others are feared to have fallen into more dire circumstances.

‘Mandatory solidarity needed’: EU talks on migration pact begin

The talks are sensitive as several EU countries are openly reluctant to receive any refugees.

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