Tuesday, January 18, 2022


‘Caught’ in ranking game, local unis miss what matters in research

Academic Faisal Tehrani warns against the 'yes man' culture, saying the strength of a university's research culture depends on the society around it.

Decline of varsities, rush for rankings traced back to ‘academic imperialism’

Chandra Muzaffar says an obsession with global rankings has a role in the overall decline of local universities, but it also reflects Malaysia's status-conscious society.

Penerbitan ‘palsu’ hasil kerja ahli akademik Malaysia antara tertinggi ditemui dalam pangkalan data global

Pendedahan ini menimbulkan persoalan bukan sahaja tentang kualiti penyelidikan tetapi kredibiliti ranking universiti Malaysia di peringkat global.

Rome rated first 5-star airport for Covid-19 prevention

The airport scored highly for strict enforcement of mask wearing, visibly present cleaning staff, and the routing of all incoming and outgoing flights through a single terminal for easier passenger tracking.

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