Thursday, October 21, 2021


Post-Ramadan Covid-19 outbreaks alarming Indonesians

Informal estimates indicate cases could be far higher than the nearly two million known infections, which is among Asia’s highest caseloads.

Cops probing Ramadan surau activities that led to Kelantan cluster

Worshippers have admitted to conducting religious activities during the movement control order without physical distancing and with the lights switched off to avoid detection.

Ramadan lights shine through Covid cloud

Muslims in Malaysia from every walk of life prepare to mark another Raya under Covid-19 lockdown, observing age-old traditions as best they can according to health SOPs.

Mosques full despite Pakistan’s third wave of Covid

Authorities in Pakistan have turned a blind eye to religious gatherings, fearing a crackdown could ignite widespread confrontation in the deeply conservative Islamic republic.

Negeri Sembilan benar solat Aidilfitri ikut kapasiti masjid

Bagaimanapun, masjid atau surau yang gagal mematuhi SOP Covid-19 akan ditutup selama seminggu.

Ramadan in Xinjiang: officially renovated mosques welcome fewer worshippers

For the moment, Islam lives on, though the Sinicization campaign has palpably reduced the role and visibility of religion in daily life.

Ramadan on the island

Orang Asli villagers in Pulau Ketam gather to celebrate Ramadan which, like everything else they do, is observed on the ocean waves.

Extended opening hours giving ‘lepak’ culture a shot in the arm?

Workers at restaurants that open until the wee hours of the morning acknowledge crowds of customers who do not always adhere to Covid-19 SOPs.

Sotong hancur hidangan istimewa Ramadan di Sarawak

Ketika banyak perniagaan terjejas ekoran pandemik Covid-19, peniaga suntong tutok nikmati kenaikan permintaan daripada pelanggan dan peminat baru.

Smashed cuttlefish and the flavours of Ramadan in Sarawak

While many businesses are suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic, suntong tutok traders are doing a roaring business.

Ramadan on the ocean waves

In Pulau Ketam, a small island off the coast of Port Klang in Selangor, an Orang Asli community observes the Ramadan fasting month in their village, constructed on stilts over the waters of the Melaka Strait.

Turkey going into full lockdown in bid to halt Covid surge

Turkey has not had a full lockdown before and is now in the top 10 of the world’s highest number of cases.

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