Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Flood losses estimated at up to RM6.5 billion

Losses involving public assets and infrastructure such as roads and bridges comprised the biggest amount at RM2 billion.

The dark side of ‘voluntours’ at disaster zones

Sometimes 'disaster tourists' come only to take pictures and fill up their social media pages.

After the floods

A look at the destruction left behind by the massive floods last month.

An architectural solution to Malaysia’s chronic floods?

But while building houses on stilts like the traditional Malay homes in rural areas might help, it would not be a long-term solution, architects say.

Starting again, from A to Z

The floods that swept across large parts of Selangor have left farmers struggling to recover from their losses.

The role of politicians when disaster strikes

While representatives should get involved in relief efforts, they should not exploit disasters for their political benefit.

Bereft by floods and failed by system, ‘small people’ struggle alone

In Hulu Langat, many who applied for government assistance have been denied due to a variety of reasons.

More evacuees allowed to go home as flood situation improves in 4 states

Relief centres in Pahang, Melaka, Sabah and Negeri Sembilan had recorded a drop in number of evacuees as of last night.

Special Dewan Rakyat sitting to discuss flood issues

The sitting will be held on Jan 20.

Logging activities in Kelantan to continue, says deputy MB

Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah says logging activities in the state are carried out in accordance with the National Forestry Act 1984.

Floods leave farmers drowning in losses

While many have chalked up losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of ringgit, there are no government provisions providing flood aid for farmers.

Homes in flood-prone areas could be a market washout

Buyers can be expected to take location into consideration following the massive floods which swept through major cities in the Klang Valley.

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