Wednesday, September 22, 2021


UN human rights chief calls for reparations over racism

A UN report seeks to push nations to take action to end racial injustices and make amends for centuries of abuse of people of African descent.

Singapore college to sack lecturer over racist comments

Tan Boon Lee was filmed telling an interracial couple, among others, that 'it's racist that Indians would marry a Chinese girl'.

Singapore PM condemns alleged racist assault on Indian woman

A young man drop kicked an exercising woman to the ground for not wearing her mask over her nose.

Our humanity, our identity

When common values are emphasised and when shared principles are highlighted, it is our common humanity that shines forth.

‘Racist, Islamophobic’ school faces outrage after threatening to expel student protesters

Students say the school's new dress policy discriminated against black, Muslim and transgender students.

Stealth-mode racism

Not all racist acts take place in dodgy areas or in globally condemned public outbursts.

No place for disruptive ethnocentric politics

It is one thing to not understand or practise religion fully from a personal perspective, but it’s an entirely separate matter to 'use' it as a divisive political tool to garner populist support ahead of the polls.

US magazine editor apologises for ‘anti-Asian’ tweets

Physical assaults on Asian-Americans over coronavirus-related racism have been reported in the US.

Racism and the Palestinian boycott of Israel

The boycott movement aims at holding the oppressor accountable as it places a price tag on military occupation and apartheid.

‘Offensive’ Coon Cheese to be rebranded in Australia after anti-racism campaign

Last year's Black Lives Matter movement has prompted many manufacturers to examine their products for names that could cause offence.

Disney adds new racism disclaimers to older streaming titles

The new warning says certain Disney film stereotypes 'were wrong then and are wrong now'.

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