Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth suffers ‘sprained back’

It is only the seventh time she has missed Remembrance Sunday service in almost 70 years on the throne, with the previous six due to either pregnancy or foreign visits.

Queen Elizabeth spends night in hospital for tests

Media reports said the trip to hospital had been kept under wraps because it was expected to be a short stay, and also to protect the 95-year-old monarch's privacy.

Queen Elizabeth, 95, turns down old age award

The queen 'believes you are as old as you feel', her spokesman says.

Queen hosts Bidens for afternoon tea at Windsor Castle

The president said the Queen reminded him of his mother.

Britain falls silent in tribute to Prince Philip

The funeral ceremony with just 30 mourners took place entirely behind the castle's walls, with the public urged to stay away because of the pandemic.

Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip dies at 99

He was recently hospitalised and had undergone a successful heart procedure.

Queen celebrates Commonwealth Day pandemic unity before Megxit show airs

The Queen's message aired just hours before American TV broadcasts the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s highly anticipated tell-all interview.

In blow to PM Trudeau, queen’s representative in Canada quits after harassment allegations

Canada's opposition has accused the prime minister of not vetting his choice for the post thoroughly enough.

Radio station publishes obituaries of famous living people

Those memorialised included Clint Eastwood, Brigitte Bardot and the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth to lose Barbados

Barbados is aiming to become a republic by the time it celebrates its 55th anniversary of independence.

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