Thursday, April 22, 2021


Pindaan undang-undang benarkan Putin tadbir Rusia hingga 2036

Beliau kini berkhidmat bagi penggal keempat, dengan tandatangannya angka penggal perkhidmatan akan dirombak menjadi kosong.

Vladimir Putin’s ‘secret daughter’ enjoying the limelight

According to media sources, her mother is a now-wealthy ex-cleaner who was Putin's longtime lover.

Valentine’s Day show of support for Navalny with candlelight vigils across Russia

There were no large-scale arrests or clashes with the police although law enforcement agencies said that people taking part in unsanctioned rallies could face criminal charges.

Germany, Poland, Sweden expel Russians in diplomatic tit-for-tat over Navalny demos

Moscow says the expelled EU diplomats had participated in demonstrations in support of jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny.

Jailed Kremlin critic calls Putin ‘the Underwear Poisoner’

The West is considering imposing sanctions on Russia over its handling of the case, though options are limited.

Russians told to stay off the hard stuff for Covid-19 jab to be effective

Russians are being told that 'Drinking alcohol puts a strain on the body. If you want a strong immune response, don’t drink alcohol.'

Russia’s Putin orders mass launch of Sputnik V vaccine

He has ordered a mass vaccination programme to begin before Phase 3 trials are completed.

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